Abundant Energy. The Fuel of Human Flourishing

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Sarah Young. Seuss Women in Business.

The Human Flourishing Project with Alex Epstein

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Fighting climate change undermines freedom of business and human flourishing

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Power Hour: The Saudi oil attacks, Greta Thunberg’s U.S. visit, the myth of “green jobs”

Retail Price:. Overview Human beings depend on energy. From burning wood to harnessing the atom, we have relied on the consumption of natural resources.

As civilization grows and the demand for energy increases, we must ask ourselves how to best meet our energy needs while responsibly stewarding our resources. Green provides a brief history of our reliance on different sources of energy, explores the viability of both current and potential future sources, and offers a vision for the task of fueling human prosperity in the 21st century.

[PDF] Economic Growth: Unleashing the Potential of Human Flourishing (Values and Capitalism)

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Eudaimonia - The Art of Flourishing - Love my Happy Heart

Sign In. Toggle navigation. If you follow mainstream press accounts, there are at least three: The oil and gas industry will soon face radical restrictions as countries respond to climate change. The rapidly growing electrical vehicle market will make oil obsolete. All of that is true. But, by itself, it does not counter two core premises: That oil and gas are easily replaceable by solar, wind, and electric vehicles, which means these benefits are not unique to oil and gas but apply to all sources of energy.

Three Myths About the Oil and Gas Industry’s Future and How To Counter Them

That oil and gas have catastrophic costs—on our health, our environment, and our climate—which means that even significant economic costs of transitioning to alternatives could be worth it. We transform the planet for the better. But if your standard of value is unaltered nature, then Lovins is right to worry.

With more energy, we have the ability to alter nature more, and we will do so—because transforming our environment, transforming nature, is our means of survival and flourishing. Have you ever heard mankind described as a cancer on the planet? This is the logical end of holding human nonimpact as your standard of value; the best way to achieve it is to do nothing at all, to not exist.

Of course, few hold that standard of value consistently, and even these men do not depopulate the world of themselves. But we need to depopulate the world of their ideas.

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Click here to contact him. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Here are some basic facts about energy and human well-being. Why does the green movement oppose every practical form of energy? Alex Epstein.