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What Is Dark Matter?

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ESO Astrophysics Symposia. Bibcode : fist. New J. Bibcode : NJPh November One widely held belief about dark matter is it cannot cool off by radiating energy. If it could, then it might bunch together and create compact objects in the same way baryonic matter forms planets, stars, and galaxies.

Scientists may have solved the mystery of dark matter

Observations so far suggest dark matter doesn't do that — it resides only in diffuse halos As a result, it is extremely unlikely there are very dense objects like stars made out of entirely or even mostly dark matter. Retrieved 7 January Retrieved 10 January The Big Bang: Third Edition. Henry Holt and Company. Silk Astrophysical Journal Letters. Physics Letters B. Bibcode : PhLB.. Physical Review D.

Bibcode : PhRvD.. Advances in Astronomy. Bibcode : AdAstE MACHOs can only account for a very small percentage of the nonluminous mass in our galaxy, revealing that most dark matter cannot be strongly concentrated or exist in the form of baryonic astrophysical objects. Although microlensing surveys rule out baryonic objects like brown dwarfs, black holes, and neutron stars in our galactic halo, can other forms of baryonic matter make up the bulk of dark matter? The answer, surprisingly, is 'no' Retrieved 6 January Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science.

Retrieved 26 December Griest, Kim. Bibcode : EPJC Physics — Synopses. American Physical Society. Dark Matter Research. Sheffield: University of Sheffield. Kavli News. Sheffield: Kavli Foundation. Scientists at Kavli MIT are working on Space Telescope Science Institute. Retrieved 16 June Cambridge University Press. Bibcode : arXiv New Scientist. Johns Hopkins University. Retrieved 20 June While their existence has not been established with certainty, primordial black holes have in the past been suggested as a possible solution to the dark matter mystery.

The LIGO findings, however, raise the prospect anew, especially as the objects detected in that experiment conform to the mass predicted for dark matter. Predictions made by scientists in the past held conditions at the birth of the universe would produce lots of these primordial black holes distributed approximately evenly in the universe, clustering in halos around galaxies. All this would make them good candidates for dark matter.

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Was Dark Matter Really Created Before The Big Bang?

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Wherever they are, they sure are good at hiding.

A hazy galaxy thought to have little or no dark matter might have formed from gas expelled from another galaxy. An oddball galaxy thought to be almost devoid of dark matter seems to have a surprisingly normal population of stars — hinting at a dramatic past. This revealed that their fraction of relatively heavy elements is similar to that of other galaxies with a similar total mass of stars. Credit: C.