Notes From The Midnight Driver

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I decided his name was Sarge. I stared at the weaving, bobbing blurs that had replaced my hands, trying to figure out which was which.

Notes From the Midnight Driver

Sure enough, they were, because I had a cut over my left eye, which must have been hidden from view beneath my adorable mop of hair. Sarge apparently saw the blood, but not the source, because he sighed one of those big annoyed sighs that public servants make when they are forced to do actual work, reached into his desk, and pulled out a pack of wet wipes. Get your hands cleaned up, kid.

He walked away to get a cup of coffee or whatever.

I got my hands clean, then reached my free hand up to wipe the hair out of my eyes. Which got it all gory again. I repeated this at least three times, creating an impressive pile of crumbled, deep-pink-stained wipes. Then I got the marvy idea that maybe I could just wipe the blood off of my head first.

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I pushed my hair all the way up off my forehead, the alcohol-soaked wipe touched my wound, and I sobered up REAL fast, just as Sarge was putting his cup of steaming liquid on the desk blotter. Up I jumped. Up jumped my arm. Up jumped the handcuff.

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  • Notes From the Midnight Driver.

Up jumped the desk. Up flew the coffee. Sarge was wet!

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Eventually the sodden mass of paper, blood, wipes, and coffee was disposed of by a guy in rubber gloves. Sarge found a new pair of pants, and came back.

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After meeting Sol, Alex fires off a letter to the judge protesting his punishment, but it isn't long before he finds the heart of gold in the mouthy curmudgeon. In the course of doing his time, he learns the requisite important lesson about life, turns his best friendship into a best friendship with benefits, and ends up bringing an old man back together with his long-lost daughter, all while becoming a much nicer guy. While the plot doesn't do anything new or surprising, it treads its predictable path with a delicate step and a light-hearted humor and charm.

The stylized metaphors don't entirely cut out all of the didacticism of Alex's character arc, but they do manage to pull the narrative back from the brink of overflowing sentimentalism and onto the less squishy ground of tidy and convenient happy endings.

Notes From The Midnight Driver

Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. And Alex begins to connect and really care for his newfound friend. The main character is full of wit, and the story takes a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

Unlike most authors, Sonnenblick dives straight into the plot from the beginning, not missing a beat.

"Notes From the Midnight Driver" - 60second Book Review

This story truly captures the challenges of being a teenager. Eventually, he transforms into a more sympathetic person who cares about other people and not just himself. Alex also learns that something can come from nothing. Sol, who gave him a difficult time in the beginning, really cares about Alex. Skip to Main Content. Get Your Teen Magazine in your inbox!

Book Review:Notes from the Midnight Driver-Jordan Sonnenblick

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