Seaweeds and their Role in Globally Changing Environments

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Others view the Egyptian atmospheric plagues toward the exodus of the children of Israel and the splitting of the Red Sea as related to climate change by nature. The release of current industrial pollution and other sources into the atmosphere and hydrosphere has increased at a far greater rate than any historic natural process. One serious regional environmental problem is acid rain. As long as we have been burning fossil fuels , this acidic liquid has been falling from the sky and causing damages. Even with the biological removal of pollution caused by CO2 which also causes atmospheric warming, the pre-existing state cannot be regained precisely.

So, global warming is accelerating faster than the ability for natural repair.

Seaweeds and their Role in Globally Changing Environments

Lately, it has been determined that there is no link between global warming and cosmic rays or other solar activities. A new NASA-led study shows that human-caused climate change has made an impact on a wide range of Earth's natural systems, resulting in permafrost thawing, acid rain, plants blooming earlier across Europe, and lakes declining in productivity. Researchers have linked varying forces since with rises in temperatures.

Global warming is influencing physical and biological systems all over our planet but most specifically in North America, Europe, Asia, and Antarctica. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges the world is now facing. Leaders should now deal with this disaster by calling for long-term international development programs. The ecology factors driven by man include industrial fuel burning that yields by-products and pollution spills, vehicle emissions, smoke from power stations' chimneys, huge fires, and other harmful environmental activities.

All those occurrences may intensify the greenhouse effect, cause changes to climate, and directly harm global biology. Further damage caused by man includes deforestation in some developing areas.

Cultivation of the red algae Kappaphycus alvarezii in Brazil and its pharmacological potential

The felling of millions of trees in areas like the Amazon rain forest in addition to forest fires will reduce the green lungs of the globe. Likewise, damage could result from excess grazing by herds, excess pumping of water, and desertification. Some gases such as CFC released by industrial activities damage the protective screen of the stratospheric ozone layer as, e. Some predictions claim that with global warming we shall have less rain and less precipitation.

Or, rain will arrive in short, strong storms, so that the precipitation will not penetrate into the subsurface accumulation spaces. Such an effect would reduce and damage the subsurface water reservoirs. Others see no rain, drought , the drying out of large water supplies, dust storms on a great scale, and general damage to agriculture.

All these will damage more and more genera of living creatures. There are also contrasting harmful effects, such as heavy rains and floods, or hurricanes in certain zones around the globe; intensified and ruinous damage from storms; thawing of glaciers; and the rise of sea levels, with the danger of over flooding to low lands. The rise in temperature will influence the evaporation rates in lakes see the current case of the drying Dead Sea [Israel], Chad lake [Africa], or Aral lake [in Asia] , which might shrink and almost vanish without sufficient income of water from their sources.

Global warming also poses a severe danger for some animals, such as, the polar bear that is in danger of extinction, or the harm caused by the expansion of fire ants to areas once too cold for them. Warmer and more acidic oceanic water due to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere and oceans spells trouble for jumbo squids and other marine animals. Global warming might cause a reduction in the amount of dissolved oxygen in the oceans and lead to suffocation of marine biota.

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Results, for example, would be that the tuna and sword fish would turn into extinct species and corals would be harmed, resulting in the disappearance of several species of fish and reefs. Trees in western North America are dying more quickly than they used to, but there is no corresponding increase in the number of new seedling trees. The increased mortality correlates with climate change in the region, which has warmed by an average of between 0.

Some experts claim that even if carbon emissions were stopped, temperatures around the globe would remain high until at least the year And if we continue with our current carbon dioxide discharge for just a few more decades, we could see permanent "dust bowl" conditions.

Greener Grazing: A Seaweed Solution to Climate Change

The responsibility of the community is to avoid desertification and repair it. There should be a shift to growing crops which need less irrigation, and the burning of large amounts of fossil crude oils and coal should be avoided by using alternative energy sources. Nations should carefully manage the consumption of fuel by the various vehicles cars, boats, air planes, and power stations. They should maintain restrictions on deforestation and seek alternative sources of usable water for human needs and agricultures.

Microalgae and seaweeds see further have enormous potential and are actively involved in lowering global warming and climate change. Algae and seaweeds like the entire green world absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or directly from their solution media by the process of photosynthesis, release oxygen, and produce solar biofuel. During photosynthesis algae and higher plants grow; they actually drain C02 from the atmosphere.

Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology

This gas is released again when their biomass burns. This Ccapturing system within the green world keeps this gas from re-entering the air except for minor amounts released during the plant-animal respiration process. In fact, even the plant residue e.

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Marine macroalgae seaweeds play significant roles in the normal functioning of atmospheric environments. Ecologically they account for food and shelter for marine life. Seaweeds are also used as sea-vegetables for food consumption for fish and man. In the Far Eastern countries they use Porphyra blades Nori in cuisine. In addition, elsewhere other edible seaweeds are in use, such as Rodymenia Dulse , Laminaria saccharina, Chodrus, and Ulva sea lettuce.

There are other uses for seaweed since it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Various marine macroalgae are potential sources of bioactive compounds, and they act as antibacterial and antiviral agents. Among them are those that may also be utilized for the treatment of human diseases such as cancer.

Globally changing environments on earth is more likely to severely modify the current equilibrated terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Is global warming involved in the success of seaweed introductions in the Mediterranean Sea ?

Specifically for the marine environment, global changes will include increased carbon dioxide which will acidify the aqueous media. It has been estimated that for Co2, the change might be from the current ppm to approximately ppm within 50 years, or so. These changes will affect marine macroalgae at different levels, namely molecular, biochemical, and population levels. While predictions of altered environments have been studied extensively for terrestrial ecosystems, comparatively much less effort has been devoted to marine habitat. Seaweeds may contribute significantly to reduce pollutants such as CO2, heavy metals, and excessive nutrients disposed of in the marine environments.

Historic records extracted from deep ice cores taken in Antarctica drilling show that quantities of CO2 have varied widely in the last hundreds or thousands of years.

This evidence appears to contradict the current critical view of global warming. Some voices claim that the present observation of the human-induced greenhouse effect is actually a natural occurrence. They say that the effect of carbon on the climate is overestimated and the climate crisis might be hyped. However, a new study shows that although carbon dioxide levels may have been larger in the past, the natural processes had time to react and counteract global warming.

Only good education and international enforcement applied to governments will reduce the pollution in our planet. The less greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere and hydrosphere by various human sources , the greater and faster will be the salvation to the problem of global warming. There are pro and con arguments about global warming and its damage to the earth's atmosphere. The target readers are phycologists, ecologists, atmospheric scholars, conservationists, environmentalists, and ecologically aware laymen.

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