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Tragically this amazing young man who had put so much into his short life, passed suddenly in March An avid researcher and writer, he left behind many manuscripts and his work will continue to be published. On March 18, , Britton died at the age of 27 of an undiagnosed heart condition in Durham, North Carolina.

Britton and sister Roxanne S. On June 14, , after a two-year battle with grief and depression at the loss of his brother Andrew, Christopher, age 26 years old, took his own life. The remainder of both boys' ashes were brought back to the village of Camlough, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Britton's mother could not part with them and has since brought the ashes of both boys back to her home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The boys' names have been added to the headstone of their paternal grandparents in St Malachy's graveyard in Carrickcruppen, Ireland.

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Britton's books appeared on the New York Times bestseller list and were translated into several languages becoming bestsellers worldwide. Britton, an avid researcher and writer, left behind many manuscripts and his work will continue to be published. Christopher, who according to his mother was despondent over Andrew's death, committed suicide on June 16, Chronological List.

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Available Only List. Once Upon a Line V 1 Hardcover. Katherine Hepburn Paperback.

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Katharine Hepburn Paperback. He did not imagine that the younger man wouldn't know he was being checked up on. Kealey wanted to be convinced; otherwise, he wouldn't even have bothered making the trip. It's just fucking unbelievable.

A hit on three cars in broad daylight, and we have nothing. Except, of course, for six dead civilians, one a pregnant woman, and seventeen injured. The media's all over this, and so the president is all over us. Evidently he was pretty close to the senator. I'm not talking about people who barely managed to squeak by on the Civil Service Exam.

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They weren't riding out desk duty for the pension, either. They were professional protection officers rotating off the presidential detail, for Christ's sake. Seven-year veteran. That's a sad story — she's got a six-year-old kid, and she's not expected to pull through. Fuck it. It bounced off the top and hit the ground, where the wind promptly pushed it back onto the sidewalk.

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A female jogger dressed in colorful attire approached, her blond ponytail bouncing in accordance with her footfalls. She shot Harper a dirty look as she passed them by. The route was checked out by the detail and given approval, but it was one of five possible choices, and selected at random less than a half hour before they left the Russell Building.

So we have a list of people that had access to that information, and it's short.

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The Bureau is taking a hard look at each and every one of them. From what I gather, they already went to McLaughlin on the D. Circuit for the wiretaps. We should know more in a day or two, if they're willing to participate in the new spirit of cooperation. I thought that came down to the Capitol Hill Police. Harper hesitated meaningfully before answering.

We have a tape — more than one. I think, actually, that you might know the person who did this. With this revelation, it was as though time suddenly stopped for the younger man. Cold fingers inched their way up from the base of his spine, threatening to seize his throat in a terrible grip.

He was lost for a moment, until just as quickly the feeling passed and he felt Harper's reassuring hand on his shoulder. Kealey was lost in another, more terrifying world altogether. Although the nation's capital is home to many prestigious medical facilities, including University Hospital in Georgetown, the only adult burn unit in the metropolitan area is located in the Washington Hospital Center on Irving Street. Within forty-five minutes of the rocket attack all but three of the victims had been routed either directly or indirectly to this center, including Megan Lawrence, the only Secret Service agent to survive the initial devastation.

Naomi Kharmai wearily climbed the worn stone steps that were in constant contradiction to the modern building they adorned. She had spent the morning at Washington General speaking with bystanders who hadn't seen or heard anything that could be of real use to her, or more importantly, to her immediate supervisor.

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The clouds had made an appearance earlier in the day, and the sky was a white sheet overhead. The warmth of the pale sun on her back lifted her spirits slightly as she walked through the main entrance past the intense scrutiny of a security guard. Her interest extended to what she could learn, but no further. She was not burdened by the sight or knowledge of the terrible injuries that so many of the witnesses had suffered; rather, it was the lack of progress finding information that was such a crushing disappointment to her. Taking the elevator up to the fifth floor, Naomi asked to see Megan Lawrence.

After bluffing or outright lying through a series of questions and filling out the appropriate paperwork, she was finally escorted to Lawrence's room by an exhausted young resident. That's the least of it. She suffered extensive third-degree burns over thirty percent of her body, penetrating down to the hypodermis.