The Career Within You: How to Find the Perfect Job for Your Personality

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This test—and others like it—ask a series of questions to determine where you fall in 16 different personality levels. Some test will limit the different types to eight and still, others set the differences at four.

The introvert —a shy person or one who keeps their thoughts private—tend to work best alone or in small groups. Introverts can be very focused. They have strong attention to detail because they enjoy concentrating on one task at a time. Ideal jobs: veterinarian, archivist, social media manager, computer programmer, researcher, bookkeeper, accountant, paralegal. The extrovert —an outgoing or overly express person—enjoys working in large groups and often prefers team assignments.

They are typically comfortable speaking in public and leading group activities. They are also multitaskers who works best when juggling a variety of assignments.

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Ideal industries: human resources, public relations, sales, health, and wellness. Ideal jobs: human resources representative, public relations representative, sales manager, real estate agent, physical therapist, EMT, dental hygienist, actor. The organizer is outgoing, detail-oriented, and practical.

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Organizers enjoy the community and conventional structure and order in daily life. They enjoy following standard rules and procedures but like to be involved in groups. Organizers enjoy jobs in which they can gather and manage data.

16 personality types

They have a desire to remove clutter , which allows them to enjoy tasks ranging from organizing an office to editing an article. Ideal industries: publishing, administration, finance, hospitality, and tourism. Ideal jobs: editor, copy editor, office manager, administrative assistant, accountant, payroll clerk.

The artistic person likes to use their hands as well as their minds. They enjoy being creative and innovative in their job. Artists typically do not enjoy conventional work settings, but instead, prefer to work on their own time with limited supervision and a flexible schedule.

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They prefer to implement their ideas rather than managing or following the ideas of others. Ideal industries: design, writing, marketing, public relations, theater, music, naturalist and environmentalist. A caregiver is a service-oriented person.

They are very responsible and reliable and have strong organizational skills. Ideal industries: medicine, education, social services, administration, human resources, sales. Ideal jobs: doctor, nurse, nutritionist, speech pathologist, physical therapist, nanny, teacher, social worker, administrative assistant, office manager, human resources professional, retail worker, spiritual leader, event planner.

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  • The enterpriser is a born leader who enjoys the responsibility of mentoring others and building and maintaining teams of people. It will then compare your interests with nearly 1, job profiles to find the one that most closely matches your personality.


    All questions are anonymous, and the demographic questions on the first slide are for research purposes only. In , the U. Every job requires a distinct combination of personality traits. Fashion designers and choreographers, for example, are Artistic and Enterprising, while people who are Realistic and Conventional—that is to say, detail-oriented—might make good umpires or referees. Those with high Social and Enterprising scores are well suited to be morticians. But the metrics have since been revised with the aim of reducing gender bias, and research has found that the model is largely accurate across socioeconomic and demographic groups, ensuring its continuing influence in vocational psychology.