The Teachings of Sanat Kumara (Wisdom Teachings)

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You, beloved ones, are not only calling for your own Freedom and that of America, but you are rendering a service to the earth, which I have required for more than two million years. It has always required the Assistance of the Cosmic Light, to produce a Definite Permanent Activity for the earth; and necessarily it must come through mankind, whose forms are the projection of the Mighty Presence of God Individualized, whom you have come to know as your Mighty I AM Presence!

You are not at the mercy of any condition that exists upon earth, individually, through conditions or in appearance. Will you not remember that, and in everything that shows an appearance less than Perfection, remember that your call to the Presence is Master of that condition, so far as your individual world is concerned? This is your Authority! If you will not use It, then you must not blame any one, but yourself, if you continue in your limitations.

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Such conditions are not yours any longer! Even though you have been the creator of the conditions of limitations which you experience, still do I say to you tonight, you are no longer subject to them! You today in physical form, are having the Authority to wield a Power that only a hundred years ago, required years of training under an Ascended Master. Today, you have had more than two and a half years training under One of the Ascended Masters , who knows perhaps more than any other Ascended Master, the requirements of the children of earth!

He has, in His Infinite Patience, given forth This Understanding to those, who care to accept the Glory of an Understanding that is the Eternal Freedom, of every one of mankind who will apply It. There is no such thing in the entire Earth, that is greater than This Information and Instruction which Saint Germain has given you. Do not any one be foolish enough, to expect to find It anywhere else. I shall remind you, again tonight, that the Greatest Powers in the Universe are invisible.

Because you do not yet see the outer manifestation of the Fullness of the Perfection which you have been calling forth, should be no reason in the world, for any one to question Its Manifestation. Bailey, or 16,, years ago like the Theosophist A.

Sanat Kumara Sessions

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Service to God in Life. The coming of Sanat Kumara produced an extraordinary stimulation and greatly accelerated the evolution of all life on earth.

"The Way of Love"

The undeveloped mind of Animal Man received a stimulus and became a fit receptacle for self-conscious entities, or Souls, to incarnate in; thus the Human Kingdom came into being, and humans began to evolve. All the other Kingdoms of Nature, the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms received similar extraordinary stimulation for advancement.

Sanat Kumara established the Path of Initiation during Mid-Atlantean times as the surest and most effective method of spiritual advancement for all life on this planet; that Path is followed by everything on earth whether they are consciously aware of it or not. He is called The One Initiator because He approves and oversees these advancements in consciousness called Initiations. Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy oversee the first two initiations, then Sanat Kumara directs more closely the Third and Fourth initiations, or the Transfiguration and the Crucifixion.

His Rod of Initiation is called the Flaming Diamond.

Today tumultuous changes signal that the Earth is transiting into her next level of evolution; mankind and all the creatures living on her surface will either ride on her back to higher vibrations or get off. As the Sun God of our Solar System guides Mother Earth into Her new and higher position, Sanat Kumara guides mankind, along with the angelic realm and all other life forms, through this transition into the new Golden Age.

And so cometh Maitreya to initiate you in the initiation of water and in your individual God-mastery of the emotions—the energies of Alpha and Omega chaliced within the desire body and released through the ten-petaled chakra of the solar plexus, the belly. This mighty flow of rivers of living water is the veritable sign of the living chelas of the living Guru.

As Above So Below Book

Let all of your desiring be the desiring of God within you to restore the soul to the balanced flow of water as the descending life-giving flow of Alpha and Omega! So let the sacred fire reinfuse the cells of the living body of God one by one with the personal presence of the Word!

Behold the image of the Lord Christ and of his Lamb in every cell of the body of God, worlds without end! You call me Sanat Kumara, and you know me as the one who stood before the cosmic council known as the Council of the One Hundred and Forty and Four. You know me because you were witnesses to my plea made for and on behalf of the evolutions of earth who no longer knew the presence of the Lamb, who by disobedience were cut off from the living Guru.

You know me as the one who volunteered to embody the threefold flame within the earth unto the evolutions evolving within the seven planes of being—fire, air, water, and earth.

Channeling of Sanat Kumara and Friends

The Cosmic Council had decreed the dissolution of earth and her evolutions because the souls of her children no longer worshiped the Trinity in the threefold flame of life burning upon the altar of the heart. Their attention fixed upon the outer manifestation, they had willfully, ignorantly abandoned the inner walk with God. They knew not the hidden man of the heart, that blessed Ishwara, and the seven candles no longer burned in the seven windows.

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Men and women had become hollow, their chakras black holes in time and space; and their vacated temples became the tombs of the dead; and the spirits of the dead took up their abode within their hollowed-out houses. Thus they received the judgment of the One Hundred and Forty and Four even as their descendants would hear the denunciation of the Son of God.

Channeling of Sanat Kumara and Friends | Athene Raefiel

Thus the light of the temples had gone out, and the purpose to which God had created man—to be the temple of the living God—was no longer being fulfilled. Nowhere on earth was there a mystery school—not a chela, not a Guru, no initiates of the path of initiation unto Christhood. The hour of the judgment had come, and the one seated upon the throne in the center of the twelve times twelve hierarchies of light had pronounced the word that was the unanimous consensus of all:.