The Urge to Splurge: A Social History of Shopping

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Go to the zoo.

It may open your heart to the many species disappearing from the planet at the rate of two per day. What can we do? Go to your local museums. Many are free. Make music.

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Pick up the instrument you played in high school. Pick up a used one at a flea market. Make a deal to use the piano at your local church. Translating notations on paper into music is ecstasy. Translating the music you have inside yourself into notes on an instrument is ecstasy squared.

The Psychology of Shopping

Make music with a friend … or two. From two guitars to chamber ensembles on up — making music together is an ancient and honored ritual. There was a time, not long ago, when entertainment consisted of singing around a piano or jamming with some fiddles and banjos. Join a choir. Be it a church or a civic choir, singing with others expands you. Christmas caroling will transform your block or apartment building into a neighborhood.

Sing in hospitals, in nursing homes or even! Draw a picture. Neither do you. Take pictures. You will need a camera, but that will give you smart shopper practice.

Meaning of "splurge" in the English dictionary

Research and compare. Search the want ads. Buy film and processing on sale. Write on any topic that comes to mind.

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Write an essay about a subject that gets your dander up. Write a story. It never stops chattering. Take dictation — edit later. Write to a friend. And your letter may well be cherished and saved for years. Write to a stranger. A prisoner. A pen-pal. Write to your congresspeople. Participation is what makes democracy work. If you only communicate by voting, your representatives might not get your message right.

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Write for human rights. People who are treating other people or the planet badly do not like to be watched. Write to the media. Be the good news. You can start out small, doing skits at home remember charades? Or join an improvisational theater group; there are more non-actors than actors in them. It keeps your mind limber, and teaches you to think on your feet a good skill for those purging the urge to splurge. Related activities: "contact improvisation," dancing, all kinds of dancing, spinning around in a meadow until you fall down ….

Join a club. You get to learn a lot, get out of the house once in a while, and interact with other nuts like you. Start a club. Put an ad in the classifieds or on a community bulletin board. Create your own subculture. March to a different drummer and see if anyone else is out of sync along with you.

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  5. Clean your house. Especially useful as an antidote to shopping is cleaning out your closets, basement, attic or garage. Have a garage sale. Write a will. Take your housekeeping to another level and parcel out your worldly possessions on paper. Some people have given their treasures to friends and family before they die, so they get to enjoy the pleasure of giving.

    Write a shopping list. Nothing ruins splurging like a little forethought. Make a list of what you need before you leave the house. Splurge … but economically. Splurge … for service. Offer to shop for the elderly and shut ins. Become the "purchasing agent" for your local AIDS or homeless task force. Shelters, half-way houses, hospice houses all need everything from furniture to linens to kitchen utensils. After a few such major projects you might finally have enough of shopping! Think again. My husband Paul Paquet and I wrote and self-published this guide to business writing many moons ago.

    Probably right around the time I finally lose those 10 pounds. What is a traditional Regency romance?

    Urge to Splurge, The (by Laura Byrne Paquet)

    I hear you ask. I loved writing them, but the market has largely moved on. But if you want the movie rights, you know where to find me. So what sparked this sudden change in retail design? When men were shipped overseas, there was a gap left in all areas of the workforce that had to be managed. Women moved to more important jobs such as industrial work for the war effort, and the men who were still on the homefront were often found in the same line of work because of higher paying wages.

    Smaller paying jobs such as the service industry had to come to terms with the lack of hirees, thus the self-serve department store was born. Once the war was over, however, the amount of money the companies realized they could save from not having the service industry jobs made them continue to keep self-service as the department store model. Use HathiTrust to access a variety of content online including items that are now in the public domain like the article featured in this blog post from the January issue of The Ladies Home Journal.

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